The Leading Montmorency Cherry Powder

The CherryPURE® journey begins in the cherry orchards of Michigan, where the health benefits of the Montmorency Cherry have been extracted into a highly concentrated (50:1) powder.  Find out what it can do for you:

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Tart Cherry Benefits

What makes North American Montmorency tart cherries stand out from other types of cherries is their unique plant profile. It is behind a lot of different health benefits:

Sports Recovery

Montmorency cherries have been shown to shorten recovery periods after endurance and strength exercise.

Heart Health

Studies have found that tart cherries may help reduce systolic blood pressure and lower LDL cholesterol levels.

Gout & Arthritis

Montmorency tart cherries can act as an effective support in the therapy of gout and arthritis.


Regular consumption of melatonin-containing tart cherries can improve sleep, and reduce insomnia.

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Cyanidine 3-Rutinosides

Flavonols & flavonoids


Procyanidins (B1, B2, B3)


Polyphenols & other compounds


Coumaric acid

Ellagic acid

Antioxidant Powerhouse

Secondary plant compounds are involved in numerous metabolic processes in the body. Among other things, they have an antioxidant effect and can fight free radicals. Because the Montmorency tart cherry is rich in these compounds, it has exceptional antioxidant properties. It has a very high ORAC value.

Rich in Anthocyanins

Montmorency sour cherries are one of the best sources of anthocyanins 1 & 2. Anthocyanins are red-purple plant pigments found in fruits, berries and vegetables that provide numerous health benefits. For instance, they exhibit antioxidant activity that fights free radicals. Unlike many other fruits, Montmorency sour cherries have a total anthocyanin content of up to 26.6 mg per 100 grams. This makes them the most anthocyanin-rich berry variety.

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CherryPURE Key Facts

Published Human Clinical Studies

CherryPURE® features two human studies on exercise recovery for resistance and endurance athletes by the Texas A&M University Department of Kinesiology.

Highest Concentration 50:1

50kg Montmorency Cherries are needed to make 1kg of CherryPURE®. This is the highest concentration available in the market today.

100% Montmorency Tart Cherry

CherryPURE® is made only from the phytonutrient-rich skins of Montmorency tart cherries - fully traceable to the cherry orchards of Michigan.

Video: How are tart cherries harvested?

Follow a typical Montmorency cherry harvest – from the orchard all the way to the processing plant.

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